John & Ravit Walys


How it all began...

Like many of us, 2020 gave us a lot of time to reflect. We’d sit around the kitchen table drinking coffee, reading, talking, talking about what we're reading, and dreaming of traveling again. It was at that moment that John happened to read the ingredients panel of a carton of almond milk to find that it contained only 3% almonds. The rest was water, gums and emulsifiers.

As naturopaths and natural food developers, we could not help but think that there had to be a better and more purer way to formulate plant milk using only plants. We had tried making our own almond milk from scratch but it proved to take too much time. So we reached out to our friends and partners Mike in Brooklyn and Chris in San Francisco to begin thinking, researching and designing a better way. We needed a special milling machine capable of creating a pure base of plants and nuts that easily blends to make fresh plant milk, without any unnecessary ingredients. So we built one. It took 2 years but we perfected a pure plant milk base that is free from emulsifiers, fillers, gums and water. Plant milk that contains just nuts and seeds.

We have always put the health and wellness of our family first and now we are proud to empower people to do the same. And while we were stuck at home and without the ability to travel this beautiful world, to celebrate cultures far and wide, we thought it only natural to name our Product Planut and let it traverse the globe, bringing a unifying love for all things simple and plant based.

Planut Goods Australia