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Are PLANUT MILK pouches recyclable?

Not yet, but we are actively working on it. We are working with pouch manufacturers to create a more sustainable and completely recyclable pouch but it will take time. We do take comfort in the fact that our products ship without water and, therefore, have less of a carbon footprint than heavy cartons and jars.

Are all PLANUT products kosher?

Yes. All of our products are certified by Orthodox Union with the exception of our Barista Base which is certified by Kosher Australia.

What do I do if my pouches become firm-ish?

We use as few ingredients as possible without any binding agents. As a result, separation and firmness can occur in our pouches. This is common when pouches sit in the cupboard for a while without being used. Knead them well to mix and soften. Mike, our co-founder, has found that blowing a little air into the pouch and then continuing to knead helps mix the contents. We encourage you to get creative with how you knead Planut and email us your methods at hello@planutgoods.com. Knead them well and they should mix and soften. Mike has found that if you blow a little air in the pouch and continue to knead until the contents are mixed!

Where do you source your ingredients?

We always source local ingredients where possible, otherwise we reach far and wide for the freshest ingredients based on the seasonality of the crop.

Why do PLANUT MILKS separate when left in the fridge?

Because we never use stabilizers and binding agents, our milks will naturally separate after a day or two in the fridge. With a few shakes of the bottle, they’ll mix right back to their milky goodness.

Do I need a blender to mix PLANUT MILK?

A blender is the only way to ensure Planut Milk mixes thoroughly with water.

How do I measure PLANUT MILK when making my milk, to ensure I’m mixing the right amount of base with water?

We recommend not using a spoon to measure out the base. One of the benefits of the pouch is that you can squeeze the base directly into the water, avoiding the mess of having to use measuring utensils. It takes a few tries to ensure you’re eyeballing it to your liking but before you know it you’ll find your squeeze™.

Do you have a proprietary process for making your bases?

We don’t like the term ‘proprietary process’ because it’s jargon that unnecessarily complicates how we make our Milk Bases. The truth is, we spent years making hundreds of mistakes before figuring out how to deskin, dehydrate and mill nuts and seedlings to allow you to make fresh and tasty plant milks in the comfort of your kitchen. The process is special. It is unique. But we’ll keep the lawyers out of it and forgo the use of the term ‘proprietary process’ even though we have one.

Is Planut Milk Oat Base Gluten Free?

Australian Food Standards DO NOT recognise Oats as a Gluten Free grain. However, Planut Milk Oat Base is certified in the US by the Gluten Free Certification Organisation (GFCO) and meets the threshold of less than 10ppm. Our Gluten Free Oats have been sourced from suppliers that ensure that there is No Gluten contamination throughout the entire supply chain. In addition, we perform regular testing using an external lab to validate that our product is meeting the required standard. 

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