The freshest and purest Almond Milk

on the Planut.

What is Planut?

We are 100% whole almonds milled to a fine paste. Simply add to water and blend for fresh plant milk on demand, in seconds.

Make your Own Way

Add in your desired amount of base and water and find your perfect level of creaminess, every time.

Control Freaks, Rejoice

Customize to your heart’s content by adding in your own sweetness and spice. Dates? Stevia? Turmeric? The options are endless.

Not Water-Based

Leading cartons of plant milk are 95% water. We think buying a carton of water is silly.

More Milk
for your Money

At 6% concentration, you pay only $3.12 per liter of plant milk. Because we are 100% plants, you’re putting healthier milk in your glass and more money in your pocket.


Almond Milk Base

2 PACK (2 x 256g)

The most popular of all our milk bases, Almond Milk Base takes center stage balancing a light nutty taste against a creamy backdrop that almost moos. Versatile and familiar, Almond Milk is our purest Planut product, containing just one simple ingredient, you guessed it, almonds.

Makes up to 4 quarts (3.8L) per pouch

$24.95 AUD