Lazy Latte

A fancy coffee shop. A good book. One hand hugging the warmth of a latte. The chorus of conversations, a white noise machine lulling you into a state of calm focus. There is no better Sunday than this. Throughout my 20s and 30s, this was a weekend ritual. I’d get there early to jockey for my favorite seat (which I’d rarely get). Now, I’m well into my 40s with a little baby girl and a mortgage. Cafes on Sunday mornings are a distant memory. Now it’s Peppa Pig and “Uppie Daddy” (that’s what she says when she wants me to pick her up). But we can still have our latte and drink it, too. We just have to be a little creative about it. That’s where the Lazy Latte comes in. It’s a simple recipe that doesn’t require a fancy coffee maker with a fancier frother. We just need a blender and Planut Barista Base. Like all our recipes, this is merely a suggestion but we love this one because it is Keto and Vegan friendly. It’s rare that these two diets can exist in harmony. That said, there are alternatives we haven’t even considered. Maybe you spice it up with the anti-inflammatory magic of turmeric. Or you replace the coffee with a chai tea to blend up a chai tea latte. If you’re in a Mocha-kinda-mood, maybe you add a little cocoa. You can make it our way, or better still, you can make your own way.

  • 1 cup of freshly brewed coffee
  • 2 tbsp Planut Milk Barista Base
  • 1 tbsp of coconut or mct oil

Pour hot coffee into a blender. Add Planut Milk Barista Base. Add coconut oil or mct oil. Blend for 15 seconds.

*Please Note - Take care to remove the blender lid slowly to vent steam.

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