The Top-Plant Based Nutrition Voices to Know in Australia

The Top-Plant Based Nutrition Voices to Know in Australia

There's a lot of information out there about what plant-based eating is and how it can and should fit into our lives. As a company focused every day on providing these benefits, we felt inclined to highlight the growing voices in this group mission.

Whether it be sharing photos and videos of their products and services, or deep research and writings on plant-based diets, nutritionists and health coaches can reach a large audience to help understand their personal food journey.

The Planut Goods team brought together this collection of nutritionists that you should get to know for plant-based inspiration and motivation. But this list should never be final! We know there are many more out there, please send us an email at so we can help highlight the next group.

Anna Debenham and Alex Parker 
Instagram: @thebitingtruth
Facebook: @thebitingtruth

About Anna and Alex:
Anna Debenham and Alex Parker are the smiling dietitian duo behind The Biting Truth and are leading Australian health and wellbeing experts. The two have a broad range of nutrition experience having worked in the fields of clinical dietetics, private practice, sports nutrition, gut health, IBS, corporate nutrition and pediatric nutrition. Their true passion lies in the fields of corporate and pediatric nutrition, helping employees and families to optimize their wellbeing. 

Bec Miller
Location: Cottesloe
Podcast: Body Bites with Bec
Instagram: @health_with_bec

About Bec:
Bec Miller is a weight loss nutritionist whose research constantly continues through working with women and developing 700+ personalized meal plans. Her focus is highlighting issues that are commonly shared amongst women and sharing bite-sized lessons and motivational chats on all things nutrition.

Joel Feren
Location: Melbourne
Instagram: @the_nutritionguy
Facebook: @thenutritiong
Twitter: @thenutritiong

About Joel: 
Better known as The Nutrition Guy, Joel Feren is a media dietitian, recipe developer and nutrition consultant. Working alongside the media and some of the biggest food brands in the industry, he is helping to shape the food landscape and the nutrition conversation.


Sami Bloom
Location: Freshwater Beach
Instagram: @samibloom
Facebook: @samibloomhealth

About Sami: 
Sami Bloom is a clinical nutritionist, certified in plant-based nutrition, wellness coach, yoga teacher, writer, presenter & the creative mind behind Health & Bloom. Her own health complications prompted her to make positive life changes, revitalizing her health and leading to a drastic career change from corporate to Nutritional Medicine and plant-based nutrition.

Stefanie Jung
Location: Sydney
Instagram: @wholesomestef
Facebook: @wholesomestef

About Stefanie:
Stefanie decided to start her own business trying to fix peoples eating disorders after struggling with one herself and overcoming those obstacles. She studied at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Health Coach and also did completed Yoga Teacher Training in India, a life-changing experience.

Carla Gargano

Location: Melbourne
E-book: From My Home to Yours
Instagram: @nutrifybycarla

About Carla:
Carla is a nutritionist that believes balance is key, and shares many recipes she makes on her feeds to prove it. After studying nutrition she positively changed my mindset towards food, and strives to allow herself to live life and enjoy the moment by eating whatever a wide range of healthy foods for the long term. 

Taylor Wales-Ryan
Location: Brisbane
Instagram: @the_sportsdietitian
Facebook: @thesportsdietitianco

About Taylor:
Taylor’s passion for performance-based sports nutrition developed from her personal experience in Olympic weightlifting where she competed nationally, within a specific weight class category. It is at this time that she learnt that being mindful of nutritional choices plays an integral role in any health and fitness goal achievement. As a result, Taylor’s experience allows her to appreciate and understand the challenges her athletes and clientele may experience.

Nadia Felsch
Location: Sydney 
Podcast: Food and Body Freedom
Instagram: @nadiafelsch
Facebook: @nadiafelsch

About Nadia:
Nadia is a Nutritionist who loves food and has a university degree in health science. Nadia is a proud Intuitive Eating Counselor and Health at Every Size® encompassing-Nutritionist. She believes in troubleshooting the process of leaving diet culture behind and becoming an intuitive eater. 

Tess Eden
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Instagram: @eden.vegan
Facebook: @Eden.Vegan
TikTok: @eden.vegan

About Tess:
We broke the Australian rules, but we couldn't help but highlight this Oceania resource. Tess is a vegan lifestyle and content creator living in Wellington. Tess went vegan for ethical reasons and in addition have come to be a firm advocate for the environmental and health benefits. She aims to inspire you on your own plant-based journey. 

Nicole Dynan
Location: Canberra 
Instagram: @the.guthealthdietitian
Facebook: @theguthealthdietitian

About Nicole:
Nicole was inspired to start The Gut Health Dietitian after completing her Masters research project at the RPAH Allergy Unit in Sydney.  Nicole also experienced food intolerance reactions herself as a child. When Nicole established the business nine years ago, she had a simple goal:
To improve people’s food related symptoms and gut health issues for a better quality of life.


Bianca Silver
Location: Melbourne
Instagram: @vitaminb_nutrition 
TikTok: @vitaminb_nutrition

About Bianca:
A lifelong cook, Bianca slowly began feeding her passion and love for food into delicious recipes that actually pack a nutritious punch. With an education in nutrition, Bianca has evolved her philosophy around it being more about being in the kitchen constantly, and towards understanding ways that food nourishes and protects ourselves and family for the long term. 

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