Photo Credits: Brian Chorsky (2022)

Sunday Awakenings

By: Michael Leibowitz

Every once in a while you have to throw everything out the window. All of it. The things you were told. The way it is. Tradition. It’s the only way to gain a truly unique perspective on things. 

We did it with plant milk. We took the cartons upon cartons that line the supermarket shelves, opened the proverbial window and tossed them. And no we didn’t shed a single tear over the spilling of these milks. In fact, the imaginary splat was music to our ears. 

Why? Well, our story starts on an unsuspecting Sunday morning at our co-Founders, the Walys’ house. Coffee was brewing and the sun was rising as John and Ravit sat at the kitchen counter thinking and talking, as one does on Sunday morning, of nothing in particular. John opened the fridge, grabbed a carton of almond milk, and the steaming carafe and poured fresh cups of coffee, adding a splash of almond milk until the color resembled a walnut shell.

It was at this moment that John aimlessly read over the back of the carton of Almond milk. “Ingredients: Water. 3% almonds. Sunflower Oil, Salt, Stabilisers (Gellan Gum, Xanthan Gum).” 

Epiphanies are a funny thing. You can’t go looking for them. It’s only when you’re completely relaxed that they come knocking on the door of your imagination. This was one of those rare and relaxed moments when they realized that the ingredients in almond milk contain very very very little almonds. In fact, this carton, like all plant-based milks, was 95% water. 

John is a naturopath and they're both spent the majority of their adult life in pursuit of healthy eats. Plant milk played a big role in their movement away from dairy but upon closer inspection, the stabilisers and sparse amount of actual plants, proved to be anything but good for them. The cartons are loosely plant-based..more like water-based.

“Epiphanies are a funny thing. You can’t go looking for them.”

Photo Credits: Brian Chorsky (2022)

This Sunday morning realization set John and Ravit on a two year research and development journey to find a better, cleaner way. They made their own plant milk but that proved to make more of a mess than milk and they simply didn’t have the time. They looked for more pure brands but the amount of plants was still miniscule. 

That’s when they emptied their minds, threw away everything they knew, and concentrated—literally. They were clear that added water was the issue. People had plenty of water at home. A concentrate was needed. So theydeveloped a special dehydratingand milling process to concentrate almonds, oats, cashews and hazelnuts into a paste that could easily be added to water and blended to create pure plant-milk without any stabilisers. 

An entirely new world of plant milk goodness was discovered. We called it Planut Milk, a place where people can think outside the carton.

With Planut Milk, the ingredients are 100% plants. The best part is you can dial up and down the creaminess simply by adding more or less concentrate. In the spirit of creativity, Planut Milk gives you the freedom to add in your own sweetness and spice, to make plant milk your own way—and the ways of Planut Milk are as limitless as one’s imagination. 

Some of us at Planut Milk prefer to make a quart and keep it in the fridge for the week. Some of us make enough for a single serving. We all love the fact that we can keep all 3 products (Almond, Oat and Barista) in our cupboard and switch it up. 

Because Planut Milk doesn’t contain water, it’s shelf stable for up to 18 months without the need for refrigeration (until you blend it). So this means less trips to the store and less instances where you’re tossing out sour plant milk. 

Our products are in pouches to make your life easier. It’s as simple as squeezing our base into your blender. No measuring required. Experience tells us that it takes a few squeezes before you’re able to easily eye the perfect amount based on your preference for how creamy you like it. 

We know we’re not for everyone. There are folks that will continue to buy cartons of water because it’s habit and perceived as convenient. But for those that crave simple and delicious foods, those that want to squeeze more out of life, there’s Planut Milk. And while we are just getting started, we promise to always maintain a radical level of transparency and openness and more importantly, we promise to spend Sunday mornings relaxing and thinking of nothing in particular, to let epiphanies find us so we can bring you more plant-based revelations.